November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

I know I've shared this before but I'm going to share it again.  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love this time of year. I'm just so blessed that often times it overwhelms me.

Thursday we spent Thanksgiving on the Mountain, my all time favorite place in the world, at my precious mother in laws. It was a wonderful day. Tony and I cooking together in the kitchen. Both of us growing older and aching together. I have to laugh at us. We are one of those "something" else couples. It takes years to create a couple like us. We are priceless. We create some of the sweetest moments in time and a delicious meal might I add.

After eating and cleaning up I ventured outside with my grandson Treyton. We went out into the woods. It was a such a beautiful day. I laid down on the ground, it wasn't cold as you would have expected, it was warm. The sun was basking down on us. The breeze was sweet and gentle. We learned about pine cones, green moss, and leaves. We talked, we hugged, we played. He enjoyed covering me with leaves and laughing as they fell all around my face. Simple joys. The greatest pleasures in my life. I turned over and looked up at the sky through the tree tops and praised my Lord. My heart cried with joyful thankfulness for that moment of heaven in His beautiful creation. How majestic He is. How powerful, loving, and kind. What better gift could a father give His children. The air so fresh, so crisp, so clear. Peace. Thank-You My Savior.

Friday we spent Thanksgiving at my mom and dad's. Everyone was in this year and it was great being together without being hurried or rushed. Sissy is home and there is a spirit of peace everywhere this season. The fellowship was amazing. Everyone came together and helped each other. We each cooked something or had a hand in preparing the feast that we were able to sit down and partake in.

The only sad part was that my dear sweet husband was running a fever and missed the festivities.

My mother took the honor of saying grace for us. I love to hear her pray. As I glanced around the kitchen yesterday and looked at each face that was gathered around the table, I was reminded of just how fleeting time is. We are all aging. We have all matured. We have all been through so much, together and apart. Through everything it's made us who we are and brought us closer.

After eating I walked outside with my dearest nephew Derron. What a lover boy he is. So tender hearted. I sat down in the driveway and he climbed in my lap. Once again enjoying one of the most beautiful days I've been blessed to experience. He held my face and he said, "I love you Mimi." Nothing in this world could compare to the love that filled me in that moment.

My boys. My answered prayers. God is so good to me.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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