November 14, 2012

Update on Landri

Message from Jennifer-Landri's mom.
"Landri has been really wanting the feeding tube out. Today she got it out, just not in the ideal way. It started gagging her and she threw up and it came up too. It looked like a long worm hanging out of her mouth. Poor baby :-( I told them they were NOT putting another one in! As you can see, it's out and Landri has nuggets and a milk shake from Chick Fila. Keep your prayers going up. She's working so hard. We all know Landri wants to walk and talk and do all the things she used to do and even more. She's going to be so much better at all of it. I can't say it little hero!! A parent's love never stops growing. I'm so, so proud of my Drayden too. He's been so mature during all of this. We miss him so much and he misses us just as much, but he has been such a trooper. I sure hope and believe Santa is going to be super awesome to him this year because he definitely deserves it PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME HE MAKES IT ALL POSSIBLE Thank you everyone ♥"

Thank-you all for keeping Landri in your prayers. I am so proud of her and her family. Our family is so strong and have really pulled together during this crisis. It's made us rethink every moment, every day and how we choose to live. God always brings greatness out of what satan means for harm. 

Mark 5:41 "Taking her by the hand her said to her, 
'talitha kumi,' 
which means, 'little girl, I say to you, arise.'"
And in Jesus' name she is doing just that!

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