November 12, 2012

Worst Day Ever!

Well, maybe not the WORST, but close to it. My time of the month came last night. I had clinicals early this morning and lab this afternoon. I got up at my usual Monday morning routine time of 4:30 am. I felt fine, took a hot shower which felt amazing. Was ready in plenty of time and arrived at my girlfriend's house 20 minutes early, so that I would have time to study for my catheter assessment today.  When I swapped vehicles to ride with Jen I forgot my cell and my catheter supplies. I had no idea.

I went on to clinicals and found myself so busy that I didn't realize I had bled all over myself. It was bad. I would have gone home but I had rode with Jen and there wasn't enough time to get me back to her to her house to get my car. So, another friend got me a change of clothes and I went on to lab. I had studied and was prepared, so I went first, I had borrowed supplies from the school to check off. When I went to check off my kit was missing needed items so I automatically got an unsatisfactory.

I could have cried. This was my second one for the semester. We are allowed twelve, so in all actuality I am faring well BUT it was just the point. I work very hard to be organized and keep everything together. I HAD my kit, if only I have driven myself.

Such a discouraging day. It was easy to think, "I'm never gonna make it through nursing school, why keep going? It's only going to get harder."

BUT, all thanks be to God and my precious hard praying husband I controlled my temper and my thoughts. I cast them down in Jesus name and He brought to my remembrance a testimony that my nursing teacher had us watch in the very beginning of school. I'm going to link it below so that you can watch it. Please take the time to watch it? You'll be glad you did. I learned so many things from it.

I learned that sometimes it depends on how bad you want something as to whether or not you'll ever get it. There are many things in life that you WILL have to fight for. There will be many obstacles, the question will be, are you a quitter or are you a fighter?

I have had so many obstacles. So many brick walls. So many bad days. So many horrible circumstances. And then I think, "SO?" Who do I think I am? Who is determining my future?

I am.

And I can do all things through my STRONG Savior! The only way this isn't happening is if I have given my all and it's not enough. I am not a quitter and I will not give up. I will press forward. I will march on. I will finish the race.

I don't have it as bad as others. I can't and won't feel sorry for myself. I will use my mistakes and learn from them.

If you need encouragement watch this.

There is always someone out there that has it worse than you do and they handled it differently. They chose to march forward. They chose to do the right thing. They didn't feel sorry for themselves. They didn't fuss and moan. No, Oh woah is me. They weren't selfish. They are the true inspiration, that if you set your mind to something, you can do it.

I will be a wife prized above rubies. I will be the best mother I can be. I will be the best daughter I can be, the best sister, aunt, cousin, friend, mentor, example, and one day I will look back and say the road was tough but I didn't give up and I am the BEST NURSE that I can be!

All glory be to God!

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