November 7, 2012

The Day After

I'm so glad it's over. I have to admit that I am shocked at the results. I think that I would have been surprised by either turn out. This election was so close and people have acted so ugly. Especially Christians. It hurts my heart and disappoints me that we cannot control ourselves, nor our tongues to uphold an ounce of respect or to love those that are not like us.

One of my favorite stories comes from a Francine Rivers book called, "Silas". It is the story of Silas and Paul, not the most popular one that most everyone knows, but the one before Paul became a Christian. It was when Paul was Saul before the Lord had given him his new name. He hated Christians. He killed them. It still amazes me that in spite of those actions, specifically murder...murder, of those who believed on Jesus Christ, he was forgiven. Paul persecuted Christians and in one story in her book Saul came into the home where Silas was staying. They were beating and killing everyone because of their faith. Silas did not fight back. He prayed for the Lord to forgive the men. Saul noticed Silas's love for them EVEN THOUGH they were there to kill him. This stuck out in Saul's mind. He had mercy on Silas and spared him.

This instance of love, of obedience to God's word, spoke louder than any word or any war could have ever spoken. Today we are so busy accusing others, preaching down to others, as though we believe that somehow because of our faith that we are better than they are. Pointing fingers, calling out other people's sin as if we do not sin ourselves. We've become a hypocritical people. There are so few that still stand for what they SAY they believe.

I am ashamed to admit that I am one of them.

What the people of this world need to see is humility, humbleness and the POWER of God's LOVE. Loving the unlovable, the unthinkable, loving in hard situations, all situations. Having stronger faith. People actually OBEYING God's word. Remembering that God is in control. This election may have surprised me, but it did NOT surprise HIM.

Souls would be won if we were real. The world would be a different place if we were real. You simply can't claim to know God but live as your flesh desires.

I've had a real wake up call. I've been heading down the wrong path for far too long.

I am only one person, but I am the one person who is responsible for myself.

I make a choice this day.

I will follow.

I will obey.

I'm home Lord.

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